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Following Shandong Hengda non-woven bags became major suppliers of famous enterprises such as COFCO, Yihai, and so on. At the beginning of 2018, Shandong Hengda received another exciting news that non-woven flour packaging bags have passed the EU food grade. The detection of contact materials successfully penetrated the European market.

Since September 2017, when we started to contact European customers who have the need to purchase non-woven flour packaging materials from China, Hengda actively cooperates with customers to understand products in all directions. Through communication, we learned that the customer’s original packaging was a paper-based small package, but it showed great interest in this non-woven material. After four months of consultations and negotiations, and through inspection and inspection of food contact materials in the European Union, customers began sampling. At the end of January, direct full payment will be made. At this point, Hengda Packaging successfully entered the EU market.

For the European customers who came into contact with this period of time, there was a kind of awe, a kind of emotion, and a respect for their rigorous attitude. They were moved by their sincerity and trust. At the same time, Congratulations Hengda Packaging began a higher level, embarked on a journey further.

2018 is a brand new year for Hengda. Hengda Packaging has embarked on a new journey and thanks for the strong support and long-term trust of all Hengda service companies. Thank you for working with Hengda to witness the growth of Hengda. Believe in the future, Hengda will be better tomorrow. 2018, let us sail together and sail.

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